Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation

It is becoming more widely spread that music based Auditory Stimulation can support the development of auditory processing, visual-spatial awareness, proprioception and emotional composure.

Hearing is a sense. It is the physical ability of the ear to receive sound. It gives us access to spoken language necesary for the development of speech, language and communicationin general, including social skills and literacy.

Listening is behaviour. It is a conscious attention to sound. It is a learned skill. Listening is the the ability to use what we hear. Johansen IAS is a precise and effective way of developing and improving listening skillsto help people of all ages to focus effectively on what they hear. The unique factor of Johansen IAS is the individual customisation of the music to the profile of each user.

Auditory Processing is the medicl term for listening. It describes the central pathways from the ear within the brain that enable us to interpret the sounds we hear. It is a vital part of speech and language perception and understanding. It can affect the develpment of speech, language and communication as well as reading and spelling, resulting in dyslexia and/or problems with talking and understanding.

Johansen IAS can help to improve these difficulties. It provides a "Second Chance" to receive adequate, consistent, specific auditory stimuli and through the potential for neuro-plasticity "re-mould" the auditory processing pathways. The unique factor about Johnsen IAS is the individual customisation to the profile of each user.


Audio Sample

Listen to a sample of music typical for Johansen IAS sessions:

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